Brian Fried – One Hour “Invention Pitch Consultation”

If you want to have a 1-hour “Invention Pitch Consultation” with Brian Fried, you can schedule it below.

This is an ACTUAL 1 HOUR CONSULTATION with Brian Fried for only $198!

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Brian Fried will save you time, money and headaches by giving you expert invention coaching advice.

There is a $198 one-time fee to schedule the consultation.  With my years of experience, this is likely to be your best investment so far as an inventor. I tell you like it is, no bs or fluff and we discuss what your next steps are. Together with my invention expert team, we will help you and give your invention idea it’s best shot of success.

After the consultation, you will be invited to my private inventors mastermind group on Facebook.

I want to HELP YOU.  If you don’t have all of the details, don’t worry.  This session will also help you figure out which resources you need, the best way to proceed and a brainstorming session to ensure your invention has the best probability for success.

If you want to have a signed NDA before the consultation, please send it ahead of time.  There is a sample NDA form on the website if you don’t have one already.

Approximately 8% of the inventors are offered a licensing deal.  I will help you champion your invention and represent you and your invention as your Licensing Agent.

Approximately 75% of the inventors will receive a coaching offer. I will guide you through the invention process and make sure you reach your milestones. If I can help you, we will discuss how to proceed and if I cannot help, I will be honest and fair with you.

Approximately 17% of the inventors would not benefit from coaching but can still enjoy the private mastermind group and will receive referrals from my highly vetted list of resources.

Based on my years of experience, there are some inventions have a low probability of financial success. If your goal is to make money, then having me advise you NOT to pursue the invention has a tremendous value as you can either revise your idea or spend your time and energy toward other pursuits.